Website design

May 26, 2008

Anyone who knows me reasonably well knows that I love to build / host / create websites[1. I have in fact created them for most people who know this.].

In fact over the period of time I have been doing it I have built between 50 – 100 [2. The exact number is a state secret.].

I have always wanted to do something to make use of this weird desire I have to fiddle with technology and software so I have put together me Website Design and Hosting page.  Basically to show off what I have built fairly recently and maybe to drum up some cash.  Obviously I wouldn’t be charging much [3. The GNP of a small country per page will do.] but it might be something I can do for fun and payment…

We will see what happens.

Paul Thomas Anderson

March 17, 2008

My favourite film maker without a doubt. I have just watched Punch Drunk Love and that sealed my vote even if it wasn’t before. With films like that, Magnolia and There Will Be Blood, well, enough said.

The Iraq War has celebrated it’s 5th birthday. When the war started I was in London, I had disappeared and left my long term girlfirend and Dad for a week spent boozing and being generally off my face with two American women. I was a messed up naive 21 year old and my life was in tatters. I remember I supported the fucked up war. I was naive as I said, and younger than I ever thought my years could be. But I thought I knew everything as does every man that age.

Times change, I am still a fucked up guy, but I have more sense than I did then. What I read I can interpret with more pretentious life experience. I could spout all the statistics I have read about the war, what it costs in lives and money, history, health, oil, contracts and morality. But I don’t need to do that. The justification is there if that’s the way you see things. Or not if you don’t. There are solutions to problems, whichever ones we see fit as a world are the ones that will dictate our level of morality and evolution. Window dressing our responses does nothing other than show that they needed dressing.

New images for the palette.



The Big Lebowski

February 25, 2008

Somehow I missed it before now. It was off my radar so to speak. Every now and again it would appear like some mythical beast and I would think, ‘Oh, yeah. The Big Lebowski. Coen Brothers. Got to see that.’ And yet I didn’t.

Until now ha ha!

Yep, I was missing out. Anyways, I’m still on a three month free trial of a ‘you pick we send’ dvd rental thingy and this was on my ever expanding list of films so it arrived through the post a couple of days ago and I watched it on my portable DVD player today.

There is something so ‘Coen’ about Coen Brothers films. The grit and small time realism in an otherwise unreal story telling. I wouldn’t give it up for all the Rambo’s in the world.

Speaking of films. Oscar night last night. Can’t complain about any of the Oscar choices as it was a brilliantly bumper year this time round. Can’t remember where I heard it but last year was apparently one of the best since the 70’s for film making. Only one Oscar I can’t really agree with having not seen the film, and that’s for the best Actress. Which means there is another film to add to my ‘have to see’ list.

Edit:  This all reminds me that I need to do something with, probably move the reviews back here as I don’t do enough to dictate a need for a separate site.


February 24, 2008

It’s 19.15 and I’m already exhausted.  Not sure exactly what’s wrong with me these days!  Seems I get really tired really easily…

Makes me feel guilty about how Marie must feel.  She does so much around the house and I don’t do nearly enough.  Have to make some improvements there and try and give her a bit more R&R, there is no doubt in my mind that she deserves it and that I should try and make things easier for the one I love.

As for me, well I am still reading and programming away.  Have planned and started coding my first proper project, referring to the Java api as I go.  Like I say though, I’m so tired at this moment in time that I am going to take a Java text book to bed and crash.  Hopefully this extra tiredness will pass soon.

One last thing, we had my Grandfather over for Sunday dinner and to watch the Carling Cup final on TV.  Chelsea lost 2-1 to Spurs at Wembley.  Bah.

Oh! Oh!  And I got so sick of Vista on my new lappy that I installed Ubuntu in a dual boot last night.  Vista lasted less than a week.  I had really forgotten how bloated it is.  Could have gone with xp, but it’s aging now and Ubuntu spanks it’s arse in every area I can think of.

Another Day

February 10, 2008

I have just finished watching Episode 1 of Season 1 of The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

The acting is total shit. But it’s Terminators and I grew up with them, so I’m going to stick with it.

What else, oh yeah, I spent a little while prettying up fluxbox. Here’s a little taster, just click the image for a full size view. I think it’s very purty. Large image though, you were warned 🙂

I have also set the ball rolling on a little publishing venture that I’ve been dreaming about for a years now.

Publishing my own poetry magazine. Like i say, the ball is rolling, first issue is scheduled for June. Stay tuned for more as and when.

My film site Chewed Celluloid has been suffering recently so that needs some attention shortly.

I think that’s about it for now. Going to stick a film on or another Terminator episode, and think about sweet things and different places….

The kindness of strangers

January 29, 2008

Part 1

Part 2

A day

January 11, 2008

It’s been quite an interesting one today.

I spent a good couple of hours practising playing ‘Snow Patrol – Run’ on my guitar. Almost there with it, just need to put the different sections together and it should be ready for performance so to speak.

The I finalised the First Edition of my poetry collection ‘The Walk’, the first two proof copies should be delivered to me sometime next week. If anyone wants a copy of this first print I should be able to get you a copy at cost. I know that’s not likely, but it is something like £3 plus postage. The retail version when it’s printed will retail at around £4.50.

Once I have gone through and approved it I will allow it to go on ‘general sale’.

Got my free Frostwire T-shirt as mentioned in an earlier post, ordered a 4 gig set of ram from ebay too, which will take my system to 6 gig if all goes to plan.

Oh, and KDE4 was released today so I upgraded to that in Kubuntu.

All in all a pretty full day.

January 3, 2008

The Create Community is an idea I have played with for quite some time and have often written, or tried to write poems with other people.

So, like it says at the site, it something of an experiment.  I am working on the software side and will launch the actual pages in the not too distant future.  Interest taken into account.

I’m toying with a few ideas, such as creating a book in this way, poems and short stories.

It will be a membership affair, moderated with some sort of submission by people who want to join.

I hope it takes off, at least for the experimental period, and hopefully for a lot longer.

If you are at all interested have a look at the front page of the site or just drop me an email via the contact me page