March 12, 2008


The Big Lebowski

February 25, 2008

Somehow I missed it before now. It was off my radar so to speak. Every now and again it would appear like some mythical beast and I would think, ‘Oh, yeah. The Big Lebowski. Coen Brothers. Got to see that.’ And yet I didn’t.

Until now ha ha!

Yep, I was missing out. Anyways, I’m still on a three month free trial of a ‘you pick we send’ dvd rental thingy and this was on my ever expanding list of films so it arrived through the post a couple of days ago and I watched it on my portable DVD player today.

There is something so ‘Coen’ about Coen Brothers films. The grit and small time realism in an otherwise unreal story telling. I wouldn’t give it up for all the Rambo’s in the world.

Speaking of films. Oscar night last night. Can’t complain about any of the Oscar choices as it was a brilliantly bumper year this time round. Can’t remember where I heard it but last year was apparently one of the best since the 70’s for film making. Only one Oscar I can’t really agree with having not seen the film, and that’s for the best Actress. Which means there is another film to add to my ‘have to see’ list.

Edit:  This all reminds me that I need to do something with, probably move the reviews back here as I don’t do enough to dictate a need for a separate site.

The kindness of strangers

January 29, 2008

Part 1

Part 2

It’s alive!

January 23, 2008

My new Sylvia Plath website is now live.

Take a peak if you have an interest in poetry or Sylvia Plath.

The website can be found here.


January 22, 2008

The first edition of my poetry book, ‘The Walk’, arrived today and I am really rather pleased with it.

Of course it’s just a rough first publishing draft but I can see, with my hands, what needs altering, adding, removing and updating before I get it printed for retail.

I’ll update this post later with a photo.

New Project

January 21, 2008

Yes, another one!

I’ve been looking all around the web for information on Sylvia Plath, her life and works and have found lots of different sites with lots of different levels and details of information.

My new project is a website with all the information people could ever want in one place, along with a forum for discussing her life and works and regular news updates on new books, articles and discussions and other resources.

The website is in place and the domain name is also good to go as soon as the dns has resolved.

Stay tuned for more info as and when it happens and when the site goes live.

Web finds

January 20, 2008

What this father has created is simply stunning, something that I would love to do for my 4 month old daughter…. maybe i should buy a new camera….


Goatse in The Legend of Zelda? No way…