It’s 19.15 and I’m already exhausted.  Not sure exactly what’s wrong with me these days!  Seems I get really tired really easily…

Makes me feel guilty about how Marie must feel.  She does so much around the house and I don’t do nearly enough.  Have to make some improvements there and try and give her a bit more R&R, there is no doubt in my mind that she deserves it and that I should try and make things easier for the one I love.

As for me, well I am still reading and programming away.  Have planned and started coding my first proper project, referring to the Java api as I go.  Like I say though, I’m so tired at this moment in time that I am going to take a Java text book to bed and crash.  Hopefully this extra tiredness will pass soon.

One last thing, we had my Grandfather over for Sunday dinner and to watch the Carling Cup final on TV.  Chelsea lost 2-1 to Spurs at Wembley.  Bah.

Oh! Oh!  And I got so sick of Vista on my new lappy that I installed Ubuntu in a dual boot last night.  Vista lasted less than a week.  I had really forgotten how bloated it is.  Could have gone with xp, but it’s aging now and Ubuntu spanks it’s arse in every area I can think of.

One Response to Yawn

  1. Calliope says:


    Yay Tottenham ^.^

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