Site Upgrade

August 25, 2008

Please stay with me as I complete my blogs upgrades.


July 15, 2008

Just a quick post today.

For the regular readers and friends:

I have changed my email address so get in contact with, either by my old address or whichever you have and I will forward you the new one.

I’ll get back to a more regular blogging schedule when my new site has been given it’s initial boost.

Website design

May 26, 2008

Anyone who knows me reasonably well knows that I love to build / host / create websites[1. I have in fact created them for most people who know this.].

In fact over the period of time I have been doing it I have built between 50 – 100 [2. The exact number is a state secret.].

I have always wanted to do something to make use of this weird desire I have to fiddle with technology and software so I have put together me Website Design and Hosting page.  Basically to show off what I have built fairly recently and maybe to drum up some cash.  Obviously I wouldn’t be charging much [3. The GNP of a small country per page will do.] but it might be something I can do for fun and payment…

We will see what happens.


May 23, 2008

There haven’t been major ones to the site for a while.

At least it seems like a while to me.  So here is a new theme that I have picked up and like.

One last thing, if you are one of the subscribers to my blog via RSS you will need to resubscribe as I have changed things around in that respect too using feedburner.

Comments are welcome as always.

Three blog posts

March 4, 2008

In one day…..

This is just a reminder to myself and anyone else out there that hasn’t already aquired my new msn / windows live / other IM changes to let me know as I am going to ‘move over’ tomorrow I think.

</end excessive blogging phase>


March 2, 2008

Moved a few ‘About Me’ bits into the ‘me’ page and created a new ‘favs’ page.



February 23, 2008

Couple of changes to the site.

Changed the ‘vgean me’ page to simply about the vegan stuff, and added a ‘me’ page that contains a little bit of bio and a couple of pictures.

Move along….

Layout Change

February 14, 2008

I am playing with the idea of changing my blogs layout as you can see.

I know the other interface / theme was slick, but I think something simpler can be more effective content wise.

It loads faster toooo.

This isn’t a be all and end all change and there may be other themes cropping up as I make the choice. Feel free to leave you comments, I would love to know what the reader thinks, even though you are a shy lot.

Updates to

February 1, 2008

The past couple of days I have been readying the community section of

I can now happily say that this section of the website is now launched and open!

There are some features that need polishing and no doubt there will be rough edges that need smoothing as I go, but as of now it’s open for business!

It’s alive!

January 23, 2008

My new Sylvia Plath website is now live.

Take a peak if you have an interest in poetry or Sylvia Plath.

The website can be found here.