Manga Review

December 14, 2008

I have blogged many times about my ideas for podcasts and how they have failed, either because they werent very good ideas or I just didn’t put the time and effort into them.

This is another one of those.  Well, hopefully one that won’t fail.

It’s at the drawing board stage at the moment but I’m sure you can garner some nuggets of information from the title of this post.

Pod Munch: Episode 1

July 9, 2008

So I have done the first episode of the podcast I have been talking about.  Yep it’s very rough around the edges content and production wise but I intend to improve, like a fine wine, with age.

Give me your feedback.  Best way to help me improve!

Show Notes:

  1. Viacom vs Google / YouTube
  2. Gmail’s new security feature
  3. Google launches Lively virtual world
  4. Samsung starts to produce SSD’s on the cheap
  5. KOffice 2 Alpha 8
  6. The Alarm Clock that can get you the sack
  7. Green Israel
  8. iPhone 3G
  9. 7Digital

A Podcast?

July 8, 2008

Over the time I have spent designing, publishing and running websites I have run a couple of short lived podcasts. These have mainly failed because I didn’t have the time to dedicate to them in the first place. Of course they could have failed even if I had had due to lack of interest or any other number of things. Success is hard to come by I should imagine.

So you may ask what I’m getting at. Well quite simply I am considering giving myself another run out on the podcast circuit. I intend to cater to my strengths if I decide to go ahead, which is by no means certain. My ideas are based around things i talk about on this blog minus the personal content. Think tech mainly.

As I said however, this is only the start of my thinking. Stay tuned for more thoughts as and when they happen.

Conservative Blast

May 28, 2008

People on the right wing of politics around the world annoy me.  The further right the bigger the annoyance.

It seems to me that the conservatives of this world, by their nature, veer off into a closed bubble of self.  The very nature of conservatism is to be introvert.  Amass wealth and superficial sundries.  Look after nobody but yourself.

The further people drift left the more they see the injustice on this tiny planet, the socialist tendency allows facts like:

“Richest 2 Percent Own Half the World’s Wealth.”

…to sink in.

I would go so far as to say most conservatives are so consumed in their own personal bubble that they are beyond caring for anything or anyone who doesn’t in some way come into contact with them.

Superficial actions do not count.

Most people vote based on a surface tension layer of understanding, formed from tabloid red top head lines for the most part.  Xenophobes who think that people worse off than them should not be allowed in to their respective country.  They of course forget that if the positions were reversed they would leave their nation of birth and seek something better.  That of course is irrelevant to them.  Xenophobia creates many of the worlds issues and ruins many lives.  But I again refer to the ‘bubble’.

Let’s not be silly and say everything that is proposed by right wing parties or organisations is sensible.  But the essence of the philosophy is correct.  The morality at the core should speak to a society based on ethics, morality and the good of mankind.

I have little faith in the human race as a whole.  Not to say I haven’t been in my own bubble of self indulgence, but I like to think that I learn from mistakes and evolve in my own understanding of this small planet we all inhabit.  I suppose my urge to study the arts, philosophy and politics in relative depth rather than showbiz, soap and tabloid news stands me in a better stead and I think that is where the general population of the western world falls down.  But I generalise.

I suppose I can sum up by saying that I wish the population of our wide ranging societies would spend less time looking in their own wallets, at their own selfish desires and more to the bigger picture.  You may only have £50 in your bank, but someone else only has £1.  You may want that bigger house or other belonging that you don’t really need. Someone else wants for the means to survive.  Even in your own country.

I recently listened to a podcast that made an impression.

It focused on spending an hour thinking about what you could do without and still be happy.  I think if most people were brutally honest with themselves it would be a lot more than they would initially realise.  We live in an ultra capitalist society here in the west.

Is it really good for us as a species, individuals, on a planet of limited resources?

Dell Laptop

February 17, 2008

Decided it was time for a new laptop as I am starting to learn to program, and although my ASUS EEE is an excellent machine, I really needed something a little bit bigger with more get up and go.  This is where Dell come in:

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T7250 (2.00 GHz, 2 MB L2 cache, 800 MHz FSB)

2048MB 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM [2×1024]

Internal Lightweight Keyboard – UK/Irish (QWERTY)

Video Card
128MB nVidia® GeForce® 8400M GS

Hard Drive
160GB (5400RPM) SATA Hard Drive

No Modem

Optical Devices
Fixed 8x DVD+/-RW Slim Slot Load Drive, including SW

Wireless Networking
Intel® Next-Gen Wireless-N Mini-Card – Europe – Core 2 Duo Processors

Power Supply
65W AC Adapter

Dell™ TrueMobile 355 internal Bluetooth Module – European

Primary Battery
Primary 6-cell Lithium-Ion Battery (56 WHr)

Biometric Identification
Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Colour Choice
Midnight Blue & 2.0 mega pixel Camera for CCFL Display

13.3″ UltraSharp™ WXGA (1280×800) CCFL Display (220nits) with TrueLife™

This should be delivered next week.  Why did I choose this model specifically?  Well I was listening to Lug Radio‘s recent podcast and it swayed me.

So, in the mean time while I wait it’s time to brush up on some C++ that I started a while back and prepare for the arrival.  I’m also thinking of doing a ‘diary’ of how I progress with my chosen language here when I start.  Again, we’ll see.

Ipod Nano / DiggNation

December 30, 2007

So, what’s the connection?

Well, I now have my hands on a beautiful metallic green Ipod (nano 8 gig model) courtesy of xmas.

Then I browsed itunes for the first time, thanks to a hasty install of xp, and found out it’s rather good. If you know me you know I normally shy away from that type of commercialism, but after sampling 4 or 5 generic mp3 and mp4 players I decided to give Apple a go. First the shuffle, which is excellent for a 1 gig no display player, and I mean really excellent. This of course whetted my appetite. Hence the nano. Again, I was taken aback by the quality. I’ll put it this way. I could quite easily become an Apple fanboy I think.

So, I have the new nano, and need some material to test it out, and also to test the tip top itunes store out. First off a get a copy of Nickleback’s Rockstar. And it shows of the nano’s capabilities swimmingly. Then it was to the podcasts, video podcasts to be precise. (I had already subscribed to a few audio podcasts for the shuffle….). This is how I stumbled across two blokes sitting on a couch with laptops on their knees discussing Digg stories of the previous week.  They call this DiggNation.

It’s superficial and about nothing of consequence, but surprisingly funny. Check it out.

My Blog

September 7, 2007

Well I think its about time I did something useful with the blog. After spending the time moving and redesigning I think the content needs to be looked at too.

There is only so much I can write about my mundane life that people, including myself want to read. So where do I go?

Well like most people I have my interests and I think some people would, well maybe would, like to read my thoughts on certain things. They include being vegan, the enviroment, technology and computing and blogging. So again, where do I go?

Ok, here’s the plan:

I read alot. I read alot about the things that interest me and motivate me. I intend to use these articles, sites, daily and weekly publications to post things of interest here and give my comments and opinions on them. So away we go….

View Chelsea FC Streaming Video Highlights Online

September 5, 2007

All games will now be available at to watch live and streaming online. Each video will be added as the season progresses. The current games highlights will still be available here.

Watch out for download links for all games which is coming soon.