Boycott the Olympics

May 12, 2008

China’s human rights record should be under attack. China should be forced by every peaceful means to change it’s human rights policies. China should not be hosting the Olympics.

Hatton v Mayweather: The Result

December 9, 2007

In the end Mayweather was just too good for Ricky Hatton.

The referee did his up most to spoil Hatton’s tactics from the off, but even with that going against him, Floyd Mayweather turned out to be the better boxer.  Even on the inside where Hatton is at his best Mayweather managed to shut him down and fight his own fight for the most part.  Once he got to grips with Ricky’s inside rough tactics it was all over as Hatton got picked of by ever sharper and more devastating lefts and rights, until the finishing set of two knock downs.

Well done Ricky though, you took and gave everything, and I for one won’t stop supporting a fighter with such heart and harsh tough boxing skills.

Hatton v Mayweather

December 8, 2007

Ordered the fight on Sky box office for tonight.

I used to be a pretty big boxing fan but there hasn’t been much going on in the sport recently so I kinda slipped a bit with my interest.  Ordered the last Hatton fight too, and this one is the biggest I can really remember since Holyfield / Lewis which I ordered back when I was about 16 I think.

I’m pretty excited I have to admit.

Program starts at 11pm GMT, fight is 4am 😮  Gonna get a snooze in this afternoon, my preparation lol

No doubt I’ll blog about the fight after the event.