The Big Lebowski

Somehow I missed it before now. It was off my radar so to speak. Every now and again it would appear like some mythical beast and I would think, ‘Oh, yeah. The Big Lebowski. Coen Brothers. Got to see that.’ And yet I didn’t.

Until now ha ha!

Yep, I was missing out. Anyways, I’m still on a three month free trial of a ‘you pick we send’ dvd rental thingy and this was on my ever expanding list of films so it arrived through the post a couple of days ago and I watched it on my portable DVD player today.

There is something so ‘Coen’ about Coen Brothers films. The grit and small time realism in an otherwise unreal story telling. I wouldn’t give it up for all the Rambo’s in the world.

Speaking of films. Oscar night last night. Can’t complain about any of the Oscar choices as it was a brilliantly bumper year this time round. Can’t remember where I heard it but last year was apparently one of the best since the 70’s for film making. Only one Oscar I can’t really agree with having not seen the film, and that’s for the best Actress. Which means there is another film to add to my ‘have to see’ list.

Edit:  This all reminds me that I need to do something with, probably move the reviews back here as I don’t do enough to dictate a need for a separate site.

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