Manga Review

December 14, 2008

I have blogged many times about my ideas for podcasts and how they have failed, either because they werent very good ideas or I just didn’t put the time and effort into them.

This is another one of those.  Well, hopefully one that won’t fail.

It’s at the drawing board stage at the moment but I’m sure you can garner some nuggets of information from the title of this post.

Pod Munch: Episode 1

July 9, 2008

So I have done the first episode of the podcast I have been talking about.  Yep it’s very rough around the edges content and production wise but I intend to improve, like a fine wine, with age.

Give me your feedback.  Best way to help me improve!

Show Notes:

  1. Viacom vs Google / YouTube
  2. Gmail’s new security feature
  3. Google launches Lively virtual world
  4. Samsung starts to produce SSD’s on the cheap
  5. KOffice 2 Alpha 8
  6. The Alarm Clock that can get you the sack
  7. Green Israel
  8. iPhone 3G
  9. 7Digital

A Podcast?

July 8, 2008

Over the time I have spent designing, publishing and running websites I have run a couple of short lived podcasts. These have mainly failed because I didn’t have the time to dedicate to them in the first place. Of course they could have failed even if I had had due to lack of interest or any other number of things. Success is hard to come by I should imagine.

So you may ask what I’m getting at. Well quite simply I am considering giving myself another run out on the podcast circuit. I intend to cater to my strengths if I decide to go ahead, which is by no means certain. My ideas are based around things i talk about on this blog minus the personal content. Think tech mainly.

As I said however, this is only the start of my thinking. Stay tuned for more thoughts as and when they happen.

Fathers Day

June 15, 2008

Another commercial money maker for those so inclined. Blah, Blah, Blah.  And yes, I admit it, I wanted to be fussed.

It is my first with my baby daughter CJ and it has just been one thing after another.  Disappointments and sickness.

It seems like the whole family is really very sick.  Tummy bug.  Both ends.

I have remained immune thus far.

I have to  do my weekly podcast for one of the sites I run at some point this evening.  I really don’t have the inclination, but it is a new podcast on a new site and as such needs driving to improve it’s fan base; if I can call it that.

I know fathers day is a day made up for the commercial value rather than a time to value the paternal parenting ability, as I said above, but I suppose that it would have been nice to have a little effort made over it.  Despite our complicated parental situation.  That is no doubt the selfish part of me reaching out for attention again.

Look forward to a less self centred post coming your way soon.