Counting Books

September 23, 2008

I was taking stock of what I am currently reading yesterday and came to the conclusion that it is close to 15 books in total now, ranging from three audio books, all biographies.  Then old school paper books.  There is a biography of Shakespeare, one of London, two books on general philosophy, another compilation of Nietzsche, a book about Sylvia Plath, one about the torture committed by American Soldiers in Iraq on civilians.  There are a few others but I can’t think off the top of my head without looking.  On the plus side I finished two yesterday, another biography of Shakespeare and a Bill Bryson.  Ah yes, still reading the book on the moon landings.  My point is that I need to cut down to four or five books at a time only.  It’s not that it’s confusing, it’s just hard finding the time to read them all regularly.

Other news?  I have written a fair amount of my book and it seems and feels like it is going well.  Haven’t had chance to write today though as it was my daughters first birthday!  I’m going to update her site tomorrow with pictures and maybe some video I took with the camcorder.  It seems so much longer than a year since I held this tiny little person in my arms for the first time.  Now she is such a little lady!

27 Yesterday

September 11, 2008

It was the first time in ages I had nearly all of my family together.  The only person missing was my Dad, but that was to be expected seeings as he lives in London.

I was spoilt as normal and can now watch Blu Ray releases on the small screen.  I image you can guess what the bulk of my gifts was.

All in all I guess I feel older than my 27 years now, but I have lead a very interesting and full life so far and that is probably what is taking it’s toll!  From heavy drinking binges in London which lead to five weeks and almost a new life in America to living and working in Crete, dating a 20 year old at 14 and clubbing at 15.  There are many tales in my 27 years and many have aged me prematurely I presume.  And I guess can account for my steadily amounting grey hair!

Roll on another year.


September 9, 2008

Not up to my best today by a long shot.  I am really tired and feeling very run down.

Definitely in need of some bed rest I think.

Other news on the docket?  Not a huge amount.  It’s my birthday tomorrow.  I really am getting older.  I feel old!

In the words of Tigger… TTFN (ta tar for now).


June 30, 2008

Well, it has been a busy week.

Saturday saw my step-daughter Charlotte’s 8th Birthday.  She got everything she asked for of course and I grabbed about an hours footage of the day on camcorder and make a DVD.  I can see quite a home movie collection building soon!

I also switched back from openSuSe to Ubuntu.  I just can’t fault that Ubuntu at the moment and nothing else comes close as far as I am concerned.  I also found out why I was having problems under clocking the CPU, the Intel Speed stepping was disabled in the bios.  All in all pretty productive as I can now increase battery time significantly.  That is of course coupled with the underclocking of the mobile nvidia card.

I have been finding it hard to make anytime at all for leisure time online at all.  CJ is being a monkey during the night.  Last night I didn’t get any sleep at all.  I have however had time to list some items on eBay which I am using to fund my final purchase for a while.  That is where the Macbook comes in.  Hopefully I will raise enough money to complete the purchase.  As for money.  It is as tight as I have ever known it.  But we are managing and that is all that matters.

I seem to be going through quite a phase of personal blogging at the moment.  Hopefully this will change when I have the spare time to write down all my thoughts on the state of the world and the people in it 🙂

That’s all for now though folks.