Old photos

January 3, 2009

Update on an update:  I have located a further 100+ photos and they have been uploaded so these are now at the front of my Flickr queue.  I will spend some time at some point grouping all my photos into sets.

Update: The upload is complete, I have uploaded well over half a gigabyte of old content, unfortunately some photos I just couldn’t find, but luckily I have camcorder footage of the days in question.  New content as of now.

As you will see, if you look at my Flickr feed to the right, I am in the process of uploading all my old photos to the account.  Starting from when I got my first proper digital camera when the baby was born.

Up to date photos will continue to be posted when this upload is complete after today.

Note: There my be doubles ahead…

Me and CJ in the Garden

June 23, 2008

Just a quick post showing how proud I am of my daughter CJ.  This is me and her playing in the garden for the first time.

The Champions League Final

May 1, 2008

Last night was probably the most exciting of my life I have had watching football.

Chelsea reached the Champions League Final after beating Liverpool 3-2 on the night, and 4-3 on aggregate, to face Manchester United in the first ever all English affair.

This time round there was no ‘phantom goal’, no pot luck of penalties.  We beat Liverpool by doing something Liverpool couldn’t do in both of the other semi-finals we have faced them in.  We beat them by out playing them.  Liverpool have another trophy less season and we are level with Manchester United on points in the Premier League.

No one can now say that we aren’t up there with the best.  Other teams try to live on the acheivments  of the past, but Chelsea are the club of now and the future.

The match itself had everything with Chelsea coming out 3-2 winners, 4-3 on aggregate.

Match Report

And in the Premier League, with two games to go, we are level on points with Manchester United and have everything to play for.  With Chelsea are there is no team that runs away with the title anymore, unless it is us doing it as we have did in 04/05 and 05/06 when the title was ours pretty much after Christmas.  When United regained the title last season from us, we took them to the wire, and it’s the same this season.  We have done something no other team has in recent years, made the title race something exciting that you can’t take your eyes off for a minute.  Chelsea FC isn’t a permanently 4th placed Liverpool who are out of the real challenge of winning a title over the 38 games of a season before Christmas, or an Arsenal who play pretty football that doesn’t win silverware.  We are a team that can outscore when we need to, and grind out results when we need to.  Results speak for themselves.

We taught Liverpool a lesson last night, United were thumped by us at the weekend showing that we are the team to beat.

Whatever happens by the end season, even if we come away with nothing, we have proven our quality and fighting spirit, along with making Chelsea history by reaching the Champions League Final.

Hopefully we really are going to make this a Blue Season, especially for Frank Lampard and his family after they tragically lost Frank’s mum this week.  On that note, how brave was Frank, what a man, what a player.  Legend.

Oh and…

April 16, 2008

I decided it was time for a change of image…



Paul Thomas Anderson

March 17, 2008

My favourite film maker without a doubt. I have just watched Punch Drunk Love and that sealed my vote even if it wasn’t before. With films like that, Magnolia and There Will Be Blood, well, enough said.

The Iraq War has celebrated it’s 5th birthday. When the war started I was in London, I had disappeared and left my long term girlfirend and Dad for a week spent boozing and being generally off my face with two American women. I was a messed up naive 21 year old and my life was in tatters. I remember I supported the fucked up war. I was naive as I said, and younger than I ever thought my years could be. But I thought I knew everything as does every man that age.

Times change, I am still a fucked up guy, but I have more sense than I did then. What I read I can interpret with more pretentious life experience. I could spout all the statistics I have read about the war, what it costs in lives and money, history, health, oil, contracts and morality. But I don’t need to do that. The justification is there if that’s the way you see things. Or not if you don’t. There are solutions to problems, whichever ones we see fit as a world are the ones that will dictate our level of morality and evolution. Window dressing our responses does nothing other than show that they needed dressing.

New images for the palette.



Integrated webcam

March 8, 2008

I hadn’t bothered looking at the integrated webcam on this laptop since I rid it of Vista, so I thought I would have a look today.

Considering this laptop, the Dell xps M1330, can be bought with Ubuntu preinstalled direct from Dell, as expected, the webcam works out of the box driver wise.  Software?  Well Ubuntu 7.10’s repo’s include a program called ‘cheese’ which picks up the cam straight away and allows recording of video and photo taking.  The other option is downloading Skype 2 Beta for Linux which also runs the cam ‘out of the box’.




Me and me and Marie.

New Photos

March 5, 2008

Been shopping in town today and picked up some new/old clothes from the charity shops.  Since I didn’t get any photos taken yesterday when we had our meal I thought I would make up for it today.

[singlepic=59,100,75] [singlepic=60,100,75] [singlepic=61,100,75] [singlepic=62,100,75] [singlepic=63,100,75] [singlepic=64,100,75]

Well Hello There

February 21, 2008

Just a little general entry here.

Better start with my Java diary, and I have to say everything is going as it should be.  What I will say however is that I am dipping in and out of a few different books now, 4 or 5 of them, including Sun’s own online manual.  Where am I in the grand scheme of things?  Well not very far, but I am coming to understand the Java fundamentals, meaning that when I look at the code it isn’t just code anymore.  Doesn’t sound like much, but when you look at a page of code and it doesn’t just look like lines of mixed up rubbish, I can assure you it’s a good feeling.  Program wise?  I have done the usual ‘Hello World’ as is customary and am progressing further up the code chain, so to speak.  Have been playing with a few IDE’s, including Eclipe, Netbeans and JCreator.  As well as doing the ‘book’ work I have been downloading the source code of other Java programs and giving them my limited once over.  All in all I am loving it, now it’s just finding as much time as I would like to devote to it…..

Personal notes:  Well there isn’t a huge amount other than things ticking over much of a muchness.  Girls are on half term so the house is full all day.  Baby is doing great, which reminds me that I need to do some more updates to her site.  Fiddled about with the built in webcam on this lappy and took a photo for my IM.  Exciting no?

Couple of class things

January 26, 2008

lol, so true.

And this is an excellent article about ‘good people’ and a missing digital camera.

And finally….

The internet of ’96

Let it Snow

January 3, 2008

Took these photos today:

Sadly a couple of hours later, as in now, when I’m posting them, the snow has stopped falling and has nearly disappeared from the ground.

True beauty never lasts forever.  Nor does anything else.