The worst film of the year so far

September 25, 2008

Up until yesterday it was easily 10,000 BC that was hitting the top of my list regarding really poor films.

Then I had the opportunity to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of The Crystal Skull.

This truly is a disgrace of a film.  I can only imagine it could possibly have been made for the money involved.  The story, acting and directing was below anything I thought possible for the franchise that filled my youth.  I wouldn’t even class this as an Indiana Jones.  Ford can only have taken this role for the $$.  It was diabolical.  Honestly.  It seems they took everything that was good about the films and the formula and chucked it out the window.  Boring and tedious for the most part with a story that was laughable, even for an Indiana Jones film.

I can’t imagine I am alone in thinking this and after reading some other reviews it’s clear that I’m not.

I feel like Lucas has done a Star Wars prequel to one of my favourite series of films.  It was a very sad day yesterday.  Felt like a part of me died….