Touching Emotions

October 19, 2011

Writing my book is difficult in a number of ways.

I am not well practised in the art of writing and I am not well practised in the art of touching my emotions.

As you can imagine these two combined terrify me.  How can something be worth reading if both of these aspects of the work are defective.

I know I am not stupid so I have to trust that the way I write is good enough for, well, people who might read what I am writing.

As the the emotional part.  This is something that I am working on each time I sit down to put my fingers on the keyboard.  The depths of the things I have buried emotionally, not mentally, is unknown.  I don’t bury any memories.  Just feelings.  Touching the emotions, is something I hope will increase with time.

I have been accused of being cold in my style of wiring. So hopefully that will change.

I can never imagine me in floods of tears over my keyboard however!


Writing for my Life

September 20, 2011

I have just started writing my book again.  This must be the hundredth time I have begun this undertaking.  I hope that progress is a little more forth coming this time round.  I must have 10’s of different beginnings to what I am attempting to write littering my numerous backup discs and dropbox.

I can never bring myself to reread these failed attempts due to the fact I don’t like my writing.  Style or way of putting down my content.

I guess you can call this a bit of a problem for a wannabe writer.  But why should this stop me?  I’ll march on again.