Blogger asks for sperm…

September 24, 2008

You find yourself amazed by something everyday on the net and today is no exception.

I found myself reading about a blogger on who amazingly, but truly enough, is asking her readership for sperm.  I’ll plagiarize a few select quotes here:

I always imagined that I would have my first baby after being married and that having a family would be more of a partnership than a solo venture. But as we all know, life rarely goes as expected.

Now, I’m not looking for a source of child support or a baby-daddy in the sense that he should have any supportive role in the pregnancy or in raising the child, I just need some good, hearty seed.

Now, my first thought was to go to a sperm bank because it doesn’t get much more NSA than that, but I had to reject this idea.  First, pay for semen?  Really??  That notion goes into the same bucket as paying for air or sunshine or, well, sex.

And so it goes on to the point where she asks for donations, and not via Paypal…..

Anyway, read more via the above link and be amazed, appalled or simply leave your details for her…