Government nuclear talks pointless, say green groups

September 7, 2007

“Leading environmental groups today withdrew from a consultation on whether to build new nuclear power stations, accusing the government of a “public relations stitch-up”.”

Ok, the nuclear debate.

I personally believe that nuclear power could be a way forward in the fight against climate change. I admit I am not in full receipt of the facts but the arguements do ring true to me. We have this capability and technology and it doesnt leave a carbon footprint in any way or sense like the current fossil fuel plants do. As long as we are careful in the disposal of nuclear waste I think it’s a positive and relatively clean way to generate electricity. My personal view and of course it is open to challenge and debate.

There is however one spanner that can be thrown in to the works.

Mr Sauven told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “You can’t expect people to contribute to an exercise which the government is essentially saying itself is absolutely pointless.

“And it goes much further than this because the consultation documents that we have seen are making all kinds of assertions – for example, that the nuclear waste problem is solved.

“It even says nuclear power is cheaper than wind even though the government’s own published documents show the exact opposite is true.”

Where do we go from here, I guess time will tell. If nuclear power is decided as the way forward, as things stand, I wouldnt be one that complains too hard and fast.