Old photos

January 3, 2009

Update on an update:  I have located a further 100+ photos and they have been uploaded so these are now at the front of my Flickr queue.  I will spend some time at some point grouping all my photos into sets.

Update: The upload is complete, I have uploaded well over half a gigabyte of old content, unfortunately some photos I just couldn’t find, but luckily I have camcorder footage of the days in question.  New content as of now.

As you will see, if you look at my Flickr feed to the right, I am in the process of uploading all my old photos to the account.  Starting from when I got my first proper digital camera when the baby was born.

Up to date photos will continue to be posted when this upload is complete after today.

Note: There my be doubles ahead…

The FaceBook Egotists

September 26, 2008

A team of researchers from the University of Georgia has come to a conclusion that will undoubtedly turn the tech world on its side (ha): if you use Facebook to promote your lovely self, it shows through. Narcissists, or those psychologically defined as “excessively egotistical,” will inflate their profiles on the social network with more photos and massive friends lists.

Did we not already know that that was the case?  Unless half the contacts/friends on my facebook account really are meeting 10 – 20 new people who are truly worth counting as friends each week…; then it’s always been an ego massaging exercise.