Man Sues Doctors For Removing His Penis

September 25, 2008

I was going to try and write a humourous caption to this story myself but the writer over at The Consumerist does a fine job on his own:

What part of “circumcision” was unclear? That’s basically what a Kentucky man and his wife are asking of two doctors who cut off the man’s penis while he was under the knife. The doctors say they discovered cancer and made an emergency decision. The man says, dude, wtf, you cut off my penis. It doesn’t grow back, and it was kind of important to me.

We’ve just made a new note to self: if we ever have surgery, we intend to grab the doctor by the collar and say vigorously to him, “No matter what happens, don’t you cut off my penis.” Who knew you had to worry about that sort of thing.

I’d be kinda miffed too…

Read the original story here.  Or watch the news story video here.