Almost There

August 31, 2007

Seems like it has taken an age but it looks like I have moved and changed everything I want to on the site.

I now almost feels like home. I just have a few more pages to redirect here and we are good to go.

Now I just need some content. Well I’m going to watch Sunshine tonight so I’ll add a review of that to my recently watched films section in the sidebar later. As for the blog content, well I have the Chelsea videos to rehome here, even though I have missed a few games due to me being pissed off about Youtube removing the ones I have done already. This problem seems to have a partial solution though as I have found a site which will host the files and let me hotlink them there. It’s not really the same as being able to press play and just watch online but a download is better than nothing. Other content will follow along with my usual crap and chit chat.