Caissa and the latest Stephen King

November 21, 2008

I splashed out £3 on Caissa chess for my iPod and iPhone.  It seems like a decent enough application but I would really like to know its playing strength if anybody out there has an idea.

And finally, a bit premature I know (story of my life), I have downloaded the latest Stephen King, Just After Sunset, from Audible.

A collection of short stories to be sure.

I’ll let you know.

iPod Out

August 31, 2008

Latest technological revolution in the house?  Well I have been wanting the ‘Apple TV’ for a while.  HD films via iTunes has it’s appeal even if the iTunes film service isn’t exactly up to scratch over here in the Uk yet.

Anyways, rather than shelling out £200+ I decided on a stop gap.  The rather over priced AV out composite cable for iPod Touch.

After being rather silly and trying to connect it via s-video / scart / RYW connections I had a proper look at the back of the TV and found the correct RGB composite connection.  Once fully connected up the rather large iTunes film downloads play excellently.  Almost DVD quality.

Our test run included the renting of Cloverfield and Beowulf.  Both average films with a download time of about 20mins each.  The Touch did an excellent job.

Saves a trip to blockbusters and works well until I decide to take the plunge for the Apple TV.