Pause Live TV

July 13, 2007

And no, its not an oxymoron, moron.

So I got a little, well big present yesterday.  A Philips DVD recorder with built in hardrive.  Nifty little bit of kit, I got it so I can record every single Chelsea match this season, starting on Saturday at 2am with our first preseason game in america.  I intend to build the ultimate Chelsea football library and maybe even try and tackle an end of season review compilation this year.

Still doing the Vegan thing, its going fine, though i was tempted by a slice of the girls takeaway pizza last night.  I resisted though!

Also got The God Delusion in paperback yesterday, I’m looking forward to starting that next along with A book on Muhammad Ali and the latest Stephen King.  We’ll see, I didnt read anything yesterday so I’m slacking in that respect.  I keep wanting to go fiddle with my new toy heh.

I suppose I should get some decent video editing software too, I recorded my first DVD from Chelsea TV, a ’94 game between The Blues and Man U.  Came out perfectly.  It should do too, it was expensive.

I had a vegan pasty from the health food shop, it was yummy, then had vegan burgers for dinner, all bought from the deli of that shop.  They were different but tastey, the burgers were like chilli burgers.

Thats about it.

‘A person is always startled when he hears himself seriously called an old man for the first time.’
– Oliver Wendell Holmes