Changing Content?

May 26, 2008

I read an article in my Sunday paper yesterday about blogging….

It basically said that brutally honest bloggers get the readers, but there is a price to pay if you aren’t posting anonymously. Now I know that some people who know me read my blog but those people generally know me pretty well and the kind of things I would blog about if I were to up the ‘honesty’ stakes with what I write. I am very tempted to start laying everything down here for the world to read and no doubt it would make a much more interesting read. But, and it’s a big but, I am not sure if I am ready for the kind of detail that it would entail being so very very public.

My blog has been going in one form or another for nearly two years and I know that it can sometimes be a little bland when my life is so much further from it.

The way I see it I have three choices:

  1. Keep the current blog content the same
  2. Start blogging without fear as if this was a truly person diary as I talked about above.
  3. Start a new blog that is anonymous and us that as my ‘no holds barred’ forum of content.

As you can tell by this post, I haven’t decided yet. But of course I will update here when the choice is made.

In other blog related news:

I have activated a ‘related posts’ feature that displays other posts i have made that have some form of relevancy to the post being read. You can see what I mean by reading a post in depth; that is, clicking it.

The tagging feature has also been updated with all previous posts being tagged and a tag cloud added to the right sidebar of the site.

A few other modifications are still in the works and they will appear as and when.