The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006)

October 13, 2007

Director: Jonathan Liebesman
Jordana Brewster – Chrissie
Taylor Handley – Dean

In August, 1939, a worker has an abortion while working in a slaughterhouse and dies. The deformed baby is dumped in a garbage container and found by a beggar later, who brings him home. Along the years, the freak creature called Thomas is raised by the Hewitt family in spite of having psychological problems, working in a meat plant. In July, 1969, when the facility is closed, the inhabitants move to other places, but the deformed insane Thomas kills the foreman. His deranged stepfather executes the sheriff that is going to arrest Thomas, and assumes his identity, wearing his clothes, driving his car though the roads in Texas and entitling himself as Sheriff Hoyt. Meanwhile, the brothers Eric and Dean are traveling in a Jeep with their girlfriends Christie and Bailey, Eric to serve in Vietnam and Dean escaping to Mexico. When the group has a car accident, Hoyt arrests Eric, Dean and Bailey and brings them to his house. Christie follows them trying to rescue the trio, trapped in the house of sadistic and insane cannibals, in a trip of horror and gore.

Sometimes late on a Friday night you find yourself watching anything, and thats how it came to be that I watched this.  How would I describe this film?  Well it’s pretty much like every other recent teen slasher you have seen.  Maximum gore, minimum story / character development, and scares that rely on loud music and graphic scenes of violence.  If that’s what floats your boat then go for it, as for me I’d rather watch something entertaining.