The day the world changed

November 5, 2008

I have spent the night watching history in the making.

Barack Obama is to be the new President of the United States.

There are times in a lifetime when you realise that something special is happening.  Something that will change the world for the better.  Something that is literally history in the making.

Watching this landslide victory unfold it was easy to forget that some black people of America alive today once did not even have the right to vote, and today they have a black president.

That’s the historical.

But even more important is what Obama stands for and where, hopefully, he will take America and the world.  A country that has been hated, and in some cases laughed at, in recent years around the world has taken it’s first steps to rebuild it’s reputation.

From voting in a dangerous clown for two terms in office I truly believe that an amazing change is coming.

I had shivers down my spine watching his victory speech.

Well done America.  Well done President Obama.

Dreams From My Father

May 20, 2008

Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama

I have been fortunate enough to experience this book in its audio format read by the author himself. Maybe fortunate is an understatement because this book is a wonderful experience in every sense of the word.

Obama’s story, the parts of it related here, is one spanning generations of his family and parts of his own life and how they have woven together to make the man that all of the world is looking on today. During his narration he pulls no punches and you really do feel the struggles that he has been through emotionally with his family and friends, personal and professional life and those of simply growing up. At no point do you get the sense he is holding back to protect his political aspirations and the effect of this is a book that engages from start to finish. A story that stands head and shoulders above the crowd that I think would be praised if written by an unknown.

Obama does a brilliant job of reading his story to us and I think that in this case it must raise the audio book above the text version. His style and intelligence shines through throughout and by the end you are wishing that there was more. Which of course there is, and he is in the process of living it. Yes, I was already an Obama fan before hearing this book and I have an offering of John McCains to consume, but as it stands at the moment Obama is the one for the White House in my opinion, and this exceptional read simply highlights that fact in my opinion.

A book that I can recommend for the American politics fan, or those who love to read an amazing true story.