January 17, 2008

I watched this film last night and I have to say it was a rather interesting experience. In fact, I watched it twice. Sometimes in your life, a film or documentary comes along and it changes these questions. Your most fundamental perceptions about what’s going on in the world.

I was in two minds as to whether I should include this review on my film review site chewed celluloid or simply put it in my blog. I came to the conclusion that this isn’t really a film review it is more my comments on this film or documentary.

So, where shall I begin well, the film is split into three parts. The first part deals with religion, the second part deals with 911 and the third part deals with international banking and its possible controls over the world. The first part, religion is excellently executed and totally believable as something that I actually believe myself. After this excellent introduction, some of the ideas put forward do become a little muddy. I would think that there have been 911 conspiracy theories since the day after 911 itself. And yes we all know that most conspiracy theories are a load of rubbish. However, there is some truth or something that rings of truth in this second part of this documentary. If you do get the time to watch this which I highly recommend you will see what I mean. There is the possibility that 911 was a conspiracy. However unlikely it may seem to us rational thinking people. The third part to this film is the part that really does begin to push what we can believe or at least it did with me. No doubt there will be some people who watched this film and took it all at face value.

Like I say, I watched this film twice, back to back, because it really did get me on the first watching. After second a viewing I did begin to question how real all of it could be when put together, they do say truth is stranger than fiction. And I have no doubt that this is true in most cases. All I can say is to watch this film/documentary and make your own mind up. Maybe, as it did with me it will leave you questioning, certain things that you’ve taken for granted. Or maybe they will slide over you as just another conspiracy theory. Weather you do find any grains of truth in this film. Or take it simply as entertainment, I guarantee you one thing, you will be entertained.