Depression and Clouds

Depression is rather interesting in how it manifests itself.  Especially if you don’t suffer from it.

I love the analogies that are used to describe the facets of depression, especially those corresponding to weather and clouds.  Black Clouds, Thunder Clouds, Rain, Storms and many others can be used to characterise certain aspects of depression and depression as a whole.

Like a weather system depression can be very unpredictable and can be upon you before you know it, despite forecasts to the contrary.  Forecasts given by yourself to yourself.  Then before you know it, the Cumulonimbus clouds are upon you and the downpour begins.  But only a few hours ago the sky was filled with Cumulus Humillis, everything was bright and breezy, so of course you are unprepared when the low pressure system sweeps in with its winds and lashing rains.

Forecasting is a flawed art.

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