Google Does Do Too Much

With the much hyped recent announcement of the GoogleOS I have once again come back to review what I think of Googles world domination plans.  It’s finally time for me to get off the fence.

Off the top off my head, what does Google actually own or own a stake in.

Well obviously there is the Google search engine.  The blogging platform Blogger and Youtube you might think and become stuck at.  They infact own:

Pyra Labs-Blogger

Neotonic Software-for CRM

Applied Semantics-for search

Kaltix Corp-for context sensitve search

Genius Labs-for blogging

Ignite Logic-web templates for law firms

Picassa-digi photo management

Keyhole Group-digital mapping

Where 2 Technologies-digital mapping

ZipDash-maps and traffic for mobile devices

2Web Technologies-spreadsheets


Dodgeball-mobile social networking

Reqwireless Inc.-Java browser

Current Communications Group-broadband internet

Android-software for mobile phone o/s

Transformic Inc-search engine for deep/invisible web

Skia-graphics software engineering

DMarc Broadcasting-digital radio broadcasting

Measure Map-analytics for blogs

Upstartle-Writely, document editor for the web

@Last Software-SketchUp 3D modeling

Orion-Referral search engine

Neven Vision-automatic information extraction from jpgs

Jotspot Ind-wiki platform for websites

YouTube-online video company

Endoxen-geomapping software

Xunlei-filesharing app for the web

Adscape Media-in-game advertising

Gapminder’s Trendalyzer-presentation software

Doubleclick-ad platform for the web

Tonic Systems-document conversion technology

Marratech-video conferencing technology

Green Border Technologies-secure web browsing tech

Panoramio-photo site sharing for Google Earth

Feedbumer-RSS feed distribution analytics and management

GrandCentral-mobile voice management

Postini-communications security and compliance

And the list is no doubt growing.  They have a share in mobile phone software,  street maps no doubt I am missing something major, but I think you get my point.

What I am trying to say is.  If Google put all the information it has about us using the products it provides I think it would know practically everything worth knowing about it’s users.

I know I am not the only one who feels uncomfortable with this.  Could Google be the next Microsoft?  Well the announcement of it’s planned netbook operating system is another step in that direction.

I don’t have a solution or anything I want to add to the above.  I just want to sit and reevaluate how much I rely on Google for my day to day life, web or not.  They create brilliantly useful web 2.0 ‘stuff’.  As well as buying it up.  But…. see above.

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