The day the world changed

I have spent the night watching history in the making.

Barack Obama is to be the new President of the United States.

There are times in a lifetime when you realise that something special is happening.  Something that will change the world for the better.  Something that is literally history in the making.

Watching this landslide victory unfold it was easy to forget that some black people of America alive today once did not even have the right to vote, and today they have a black president.

That’s the historical.

But even more important is what Obama stands for and where, hopefully, he will take America and the world.  A country that has been hated, and in some cases laughed at, in recent years around the world has taken it’s first steps to rebuild it’s reputation.

From voting in a dangerous clown for two terms in office I truly believe that an amazing change is coming.

I had shivers down my spine watching his victory speech.

Well done America.  Well done President Obama.

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