Man sues doctor after his bum was stapled shut….

Read this this morning.  Another tale of medical woe that made me laugh out loud.  Some of the comments readers posted were just as funny.  I’ll include them below also.

A man alleging a Maryland doctor stapled his rectum shut during an operation — causing him to go without defecating for 17 days — took his federal lawsuit to trial Monday in Baltimore.

Ronald Watkins, 64, of West Virginia, is suing Manuel Casiano, a doctor in Frederick County, for allegedly botching a 2004 surgery that left Watkins with permanent bowel problems.

“The reason for suing Dr. Casiano is very simple: His rectum was stapled shut,” said Julia Lodowski, who with attorney Emily Malarkey is representing Watkins and his wife, Brenda.

Lodowski told jurors in U.S. District Court that Watkins now experiences “rectal discharge” and needs to wipe himself between 12 and 15 times a day.

Watkins underwent surgery Sept. 8, 2004, for a newly diagnosed rectal tumor, during which Casiano made the mistake, according to his lawsuit against the Foris Surgical Group.

Watkins then complained of increasing rectal pressure, and an inability to pass gas, his lawsuit states.

In a subsequent surgery, Casiano found that Watkins’ rectum was closed because of staples, according to the lawsuit.
“He couldn’t get past the staple line,” Lodowski told jurors.

“How else do we know that his rectum was stapled shut? Most importantly, Dr. Casiano said so.”

And the rather hilarious comments?

bellamary: “My condolences–he should get extra $ for this showing up in the paper!”

Nicole: “17 days? Bet it felt like 17 YEARS…poor fellow!”

battmann187: “If I was the judge I would put some of the rsponsibility on the man. If I hadn’t gone to the bathroom in 2 days I would have been in somebody’s E.R. 17 days without taking a dump….come on!”

: “must have felt great on the 18th day lol”

*Wipes a few tears away*

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