A day for dirtiness…

Not even a few minutes after my last post I come across this!

Woman ‘tricked into sex’ by penis cream treatment

A Syrian-born airline pilot allegedly tricked a schoolteacher from Haverfordwest into having sex with him by pretending he had to administer ointment on the end of his penis, a jury heard yesterday…

… on the “doctor’s advice”, he kept a clock on the bedside table to time the sessions.

… The teacher put up with the treatment for nine months before telling her doctor…

…Sbano claimed he was in talks with a gynaecologist who was anxious for a certain cream to be applied, the prosecutor said….

… He (Sbano) suggested he would apply the cream to his penis and apply it inside her….

… Mr Rees said the woman found the sessions “Clinical, not at all erotic”. She consented only because she believed it was a proper treatment …

The internet is throwing up THE material today.  Unbelievable.  You can read the full article here.

One Response to A day for dirtiness…

  1. spuggy says:

    My God. And this woman actually teaches someone’s children?

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