WALL-E Film Poster

Sometimes when you hear so much about a film it will taint your viewing experience one way or the other; and I’m afraid that is what happened for me with WALL-E.

Now don’t get me wrong before I have even begun the review.  I liked WALL-E, I really liked it.  But not as much I as was led to believe I would.  Yes I believed the hype.  A cardinal, cliche ridden, sin.

As with most Pixar films I find it hard to pick fault generally and I guess the only real one I can find with this isn’t even a fault at all.  I’ll repeat: I believed the hype.

What I have said so far makes it sound as if I didn’t get anything from the film and I did, I was just looking for more.

I am ending this rather short review with a summing up that I think holds the essense of my viewing experience.

WALL-E is an excellently animated morallity tale with a sweet love story.  It is nicely seeded with current affairs dilemas that are packaged perfectly for children.  It has enough to satisfy the young and old.  Is it ‘magnificent’ or ‘classic’?  I really don’t think there is enough substance for that.  Is it one of the best animated films in recent years?  Without a doubt.

2 Responses to WALL-E

  1. patrick says:

    Wall-E totally looks like the robot from “Short Circuit”… minus the cheesy 80’s style of course

  2. Me says:

    lol, yep Patrick, no doubt about that. Also a slight homage to ‘Batteries Not Included’ and maybe even ET?

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