Hit Obsessed

Running your own websites leads to all kinds of strange obsessions, the main of which I found is the unconquerable urge to check hit counts every day.

On this blog and on another couple of my more successful ones I check the hit counts more than once a day.  For some reason I like to know know many ‘unique visitors’ these sites get and, more importantly, where the referrals are coming from.  And I get this unstoppable urge every time I am online!  And all the time I am online!

Maybe it’s just me, and I’m the only hits obsessed ‘webmaster’ out there.  But I really doubt it.  A lot of websites depend on hits for income in one way or another.  But none of my sites are revenue based.

It’s probably just one of those weird addictions on the internet that popular culture is always harping on about.

Just wanted to share.

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