Most of the time I have a hard time having faith in the human race. I don’t like most of us.

There are instances, however, where I find solstice and today’s event is rather insignificant when compared to the worlds woes.

Seeing our species helping and trying to save stranded Dolphins in the south of England has lifted my faith in the human race. I know it’s small compared to the hungry and poor dying around the world but this effort has lifted me.

And that is the whole point. We try to save our planet and species. We care, even if it is in small numbers. There is hope while we do. we are empathic when it comes to the animals we share this planet with and who have an equal right to be here and to life. Yes, this view isn’t shared by all, but it gives me hope to see it in action. People giving so much time and energy to save a group of twenty animals.

I’m proud that we are that evolved. We don’t take advantage or not care or eat their dead bodies.

We try to save them. Maybe there is hope for us.

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