Widget. It's got a widget. A Widget it has got.

Ah yes, widgets.  The love of almost every blogger and I am no different.  So to match my new theme I am introducing a few new ones.

Like the ‘add my blog as a widget’, the ‘CFC’ widget and also one that might not be as apparent at first.  It’s an icon generator for commenter’s on the blog.  If you take a look at a couple of the comments made you will see that each commenter now has their own individual monster icon that will stay with them whenever they post a comment.  The monster icon is randomly generated when a comment is made.  I suppose it is about time I make my thoughts a bit more user friendly.  I am lazy and have a couple from the generic Widgetbox and have installed a couple on the webserver myself.

There might be more widgets or changes to the sites layout over then next few days as I try out new things and generally try to improve the eye candy and usability.

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