It’s over

At least for this season.
After the drama of the match, as usual, I couldn’t watch the penalty kicks.
I took my ipod and a can of beer (my first drink in six months) to the top of the garden and lay down on the ground looking up at the sky.

The minutes passed and the realisation that we hadn’t won dawned on me quite a while before my partner appeared over me to tell me the news.

I came in and turned the TV off, not seeing any of the celebrations and my hero John Terry crying his eyes out.

Laying down on the sofa in the dark I didn’t say a word to anyone and fell asleep awaiting the inevitable massive hang over.

So Chelsea finish the season having won nothing but achieved more than I would have imagined after our first Champions League match of the season last year when Jose was sacked.

Chin up JT. Next season we can do it all again.

My last thoughts are ones that came to me yesterday.

I have never watched a team I support win on penalties.

4 Responses to It’s over

  1. Calliope says:

    The part about this that I like the most is Owen Hargreaves. It takes a born Canadian to be the deciding factor even in soccer 😮 Chelsea should get some Canadian’s!

  2. Me says:

    Shame he doesn’t play for the Canadian national team eh?

    Sucks to be Chelsea at the moment 😦

    How’s things with you?

  3. Calliope says:

    Do we even have a national team…. at least that’s over 20.

    I’m busy. Work work work. It’s awesome 😀

  4. Me says:

    Yeah,you do. I forget your last match and who you lost against.

    Glad work is going well and you are happy. 🙂

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