So Disney have been on the rocks for the past decade, possibly longer?

I suppose Enchanted is a reach to try something new, maybe trying to reignite the love affair with the over 10’s who remember such classics as The Lion King, Aladdin et al.

Well it doesn’t work because the film isn’t good enough a vehicle for the live action cartoon cross over that is it’s novelty.

Neither the live action nor the cartoon are any good, on their own or as the bigger picture.  The children will love it of course, but it is boring.  Very boring.    The characters are two dimensional, obvious and cliche ridden.  Did I mention that it is boring too?

The title song with soundtrack is catchy enough but that’s about all the film as going for it.

If you want a decent live action cartoon crossover, go and watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit instead.


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