The Champions League Final

Last night was probably the most exciting of my life I have had watching football.

Chelsea reached the Champions League Final after beating Liverpool 3-2 on the night, and 4-3 on aggregate, to face Manchester United in the first ever all English affair.

This time round there was no ‘phantom goal’, no pot luck of penalties.  We beat Liverpool by doing something Liverpool couldn’t do in both of the other semi-finals we have faced them in.  We beat them by out playing them.  Liverpool have another trophy less season and we are level with Manchester United on points in the Premier League.

No one can now say that we aren’t up there with the best.  Other teams try to live on the acheivments  of the past, but Chelsea are the club of now and the future.

The match itself had everything with Chelsea coming out 3-2 winners, 4-3 on aggregate.

Match Report

And in the Premier League, with two games to go, we are level on points with Manchester United and have everything to play for.  With Chelsea are there is no team that runs away with the title anymore, unless it is us doing it as we have did in 04/05 and 05/06 when the title was ours pretty much after Christmas.  When United regained the title last season from us, we took them to the wire, and it’s the same this season.  We have done something no other team has in recent years, made the title race something exciting that you can’t take your eyes off for a minute.  Chelsea FC isn’t a permanently 4th placed Liverpool who are out of the real challenge of winning a title over the 38 games of a season before Christmas, or an Arsenal who play pretty football that doesn’t win silverware.  We are a team that can outscore when we need to, and grind out results when we need to.  Results speak for themselves.

We taught Liverpool a lesson last night, United were thumped by us at the weekend showing that we are the team to beat.

Whatever happens by the end season, even if we come away with nothing, we have proven our quality and fighting spirit, along with making Chelsea history by reaching the Champions League Final.

Hopefully we really are going to make this a Blue Season, especially for Frank Lampard and his family after they tragically lost Frank’s mum this week.  On that note, how brave was Frank, what a man, what a player.  Legend.

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