Guess who’s back?

Yes, I’ve been neglecting my blog again.  Okay, not just my blog but my internet habit in general.  Things have just been way too hectic around here.  There is too much to go into detail over to be honest.  All I can say really is that some people have shown their true colours over the past week.  It is disgusting the way some people will behave when they think money is involved when in fact the money has nothing to do with us or them.  But, let them continue on their own misguided course.  The only thing that they stand to achieve is to ensure how silly, small and malicious they are.  I for one don’t mind watching their fall from relative grace.

Other notes?  Well, things are pretty normal apart from that. I am still giving a lot of time over to Chess and am picking up my Java from where I left off.  My websites have suffered during my absense and are in serious need of a good going over.

And that’s all she wrote.  I will endevour to ‘do more’ here as of now.

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