The Immortal Game by David Shenk

There are some books that you read in life that are unforgettable and you wouldn’t expect a book on the history of chess to be one of them. This book flys in the face of that.


This piece of literature is wonderful from beginning to end. Shenk manages to cram the essential history of the game, the complete historical game ‘The Immortal Game’, his personal experiences with chess, the future of the game and so much more into 327 pages. None of it feels cramped, rushed or slap dash. It is a truly engaging and thrilling ride through one of the most under rated and unexplored games in the world. His light, fluffy and yet extremely professional and encompasing writing style. Wonderful mix of history lesson and personal voyage, create what should be mandatory reading; if you play or not.


In a world where Call of Duty 4 is hailed as a gaming masterpiece, maybe it’s time to look a little further in order to see the reality of limitless possibility that is Chess.


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