Yes, I have renewed my love affair with Star Trek.

As with most things in my life i go through phases of liking and indulging in them. My affair with Star Trek has spanned most of my life from aged about 11 when I used to watch The Next Generation on BBC2. I come back to DS9 now after not having watched any Star Trek for about a year when I reached the middle or end of Season 3, I forget exactly. But I have Season 3 and 4 on there way to help complete my collection. (I own all 7 seasons of The Next Generation). Then it will no doubt be Voyager for me.

Yes, I am aware that this is considered very sad by most none Star Trek affictionardos, but then my predilection for the unusual is nothing new, and it tends to rotate around the geeky. Anyway, I got my hands on the first few episodes of Season 3 which I have watched tonight and I can say I am back in the swing for when my box sets arrive.

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