Blaze – Stephen King / Richard Bachman

Blaze by Stephen King is what King calls a ‘trunk novel’.  One that was written in the past and left as either unfinished or not good enough to publish.  This particular book was written during the high productivity period of his pseudonym Richard Bachman, and the tell tale signs of this are all over the book.  Thus it is ‘authored’ by Bachman.

The book itself, as King states in his introduction, is composed of bare and to the point writing.  Not that this is a bad thing, as I have felt that in King’s more recent works that he has been bogged down some what, either by his own belief that the weighty writing is needed, or simply in his evolving writing style.

I hate the cliche page turner, but simply put, that is what this is.  And as I mentioned, because the book is composed in the starker style that I prefer of King’s, the story roars along sweeping you up in it’s ‘Of Mice And Men’ inspired yarn.  King’s turn of phrase, in some parts is as always, something to be in awe of, and patches of dark humour lighten up what is really a bleak, wrenching, criminal tale.

King’s works are the popcorn of my reading and after getting a few salty mouthfuls recently, this is him back to his balanced best.  Or is it?  Remembering that this book was written by a 25 year old King back in the 70’s.


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