The Diving Bell And The Butterfly

So I didn’t get to watch The Orphanage, it’s still on my hitlist however.

I did however get to see the magnificent Le Scaphandre et le papillon.

Based on the book by Jean-Dominique ‘Jean-Do’ Bauby who wrote the book while suffering from ‘Locked In’ syndrome.  It is simply an amazing piece of film making, but not having read the book, (it’s on my amazon wishlist), I can’t compare.  Wrenching, touching and inspiring at the same time, it’s a film I am glad I took the time to visit upon myself.

On something rather lighter, I reached the half season point of The Sarah Connor Chronicles last night.  It is definitely growing on me in a rather geeky sense and I fill definitely be pursuing it to it’s conclusion after it resumes.  If you like your sci-fi soapy and rather bitesized, this one could be for you if you haven’t already caught it.

On a personal note, my insomnia has returned and I am back to being subjected to 5am’s and grumpy periods which affect not only me, but everyone around me.

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