Two Films

I watched two films into the early hours of this morning. Very different films by all accounts and both good in their own ways.

Deliverance is a boys own classic, one that I had never had the opportunity to see before last night. How can I describe it succinctly? I would say that is the archetype of the late 70’s / early 80’s action adventure film, but one that others are measured against. It’s the film that a lot of people associate with Burt Reynolds, though his performance doesn’t go much beyond handsome and strapping. It also features an infamous rape scene.

On to The Squid and The Whale, which was by far my favourite of the two films. I used to be a very typical young man film watcher. Dredging the Hollywood actioner as my own and loving every minute. As I have matured though I find myself shying away from Hollywood and embracing films like The Squid and The Whale. It is simply an acting master class supported by a first rate script. What happens in the film? Nothing much above a glorified soap. But if soaps were like this, I’d be a fan.


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