Well Hello There

Just a little general entry here.

Better start with my Java diary, and I have to say everything is going as it should be.  What I will say however is that I am dipping in and out of a few different books now, 4 or 5 of them, including Sun’s own online manual.  Where am I in the grand scheme of things?  Well not very far, but I am coming to understand the Java fundamentals, meaning that when I look at the code it isn’t just code anymore.  Doesn’t sound like much, but when you look at a page of code and it doesn’t just look like lines of mixed up rubbish, I can assure you it’s a good feeling.  Program wise?  I have done the usual ‘Hello World’ as is customary and am progressing further up the code chain, so to speak.  Have been playing with a few IDE’s, including Eclipe, Netbeans and JCreator.  As well as doing the ‘book’ work I have been downloading the source code of other Java programs and giving them my limited once over.  All in all I am loving it, now it’s just finding as much time as I would like to devote to it…..

Personal notes:  Well there isn’t a huge amount other than things ticking over much of a muchness.  Girls are on half term so the house is full all day.  Baby is doing great, which reminds me that I need to do some more updates to her site.  Fiddled about with the built in webcam on this lappy and took a photo for my IM.  Exciting no?

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