The good old days….

I was recently going through my logs of my time in what was known as Radio Guru, not through any special effort, just because I was going through old back up discs and came across them. This led me to create a bot but that’s another story…..

So I was thinking to myself about how I missed it, until I spoke to someone who frequents the channel that the current incarnation of what was Radio Guru resides.

They said they were in there from early morning to afternoon and the channel was filled with only ‘parts’ and ‘joins’. Not one person had spoken for hours and hours, and I remembered looking at the listening figures one evening also, there were 0 people tuned when I went to bed and 0 when I woke up. The last time I was asked to tune in there were 9 or10 tuned and the current ‘owner’ said on air that there were ‘loads of listeners this evening’. How times have changed since the people who put effort in were driven away.
So, yes I do miss the old Radio Guru when, looking at my logs, and remembering the ‘stats’ there wasn’t a minute went by without chatting for literally days, and if you had less than 20 tuned to your set it was a bad day.

Do I miss the current version? How can I?

There are normally less tuned than there are op’s in the channel and nobody converses in the channel or puts any effort in to making changes, they seem more concerned about kicking people out rather than bringing them in. Just shows where it has been taken after the inferior took over after the original founders left.

Tis a shame.

I can do my podcasts / live shows when the fancy takes me, not quite Radio Guru, but I still enjoy putting my sets together. And certainly better than the tatters I left behind there.


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