Why KDE4 doesn’t work for me

So this morning I spent a couple of hours backing everything up from my Kubuntu installation to my backup internal hard drive so that I could get rid of it. Kubuntu that is.

Why you may ask. Well it’s KDE4 and wanting a 64bit OS. Why not KDE4 and why 64bit? I’ll tell you.

I liked KDE3 a lot. It was clean, simple to use and highly customisable. But as always I like to upgrade to the most current available release of everything. (I even have Hardy Heron installed somewhere). But version 4 of KDE simply doesn’t do it for me. It’s rough and buggy, though I could live with that until upgrades and patches happened. I just don’t like the direction it’s taking. I don’t like the new menu layout, or the desktop icon layout. There are plenty of other things too that aren’t aesthetic like the way the desktop seems to be bullet proof when it comes to arranging icons or copying and pasting. The desktop is the home of most of my in use files, as wrong as that may be. So I’m sorry Kubuntu, I don’t like the new interface at all, and even when the bugs are ironed out you are still going to look the same give or take, it’s goodbye and hello to Gnome / Ubuntu.

Ok, I could have uninstalled KDE and installed Gnome but I really had to go for a new 64bit install of Ubuntu to address the problems with Ram recognition. My 6gig of ram is now showing as just under 5, which is better than the under 3gig in 32bit installs. Remind me that I need to invest in a new MB.

So after the reinstall I am perfectly happy again. Smooth clean interface and one I like. There are issues that need to be resolved after install to do with multimedia in Firefox, but those are taken care of relatively easily.

Thumbs up to Ubuntu, I know why it’s the most popular install on the Home Desktop Linux environment atm.



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