Voces inocentes (2004)



Luis Mandoki

Luis Mandoki (screenplay)
Oscar Orlando Torres (screenplay)

Release Date:
11 August 2006 (UK)

Drama / War

Plot Outline:
A young boy, in an effort to have a normal childhood in 1980’s El Salvador, is caught up in a dramatic fight for his life as he desperately tries to avoid the war which is raging all around him.

(Credited cast)
Carlos Padilla … Chava

Leonor Varela … Kella
Xuna Primus … Cristina Maria
Gustavo Muñoz … Ancha
José María Yazpik … Uncle Beto
Ofelia Medina … Mama Toya
Daniel Giménez Cacho … Priest
rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Adrian Alonso … Chele
Alejandro Felipe … Ricardito
Paulina Gaitan … Angelita
Héctor Jiménez … Raton
Andrés Márquez … Marcos
Edgar Mencos … Soldier shoting speakers at church
Ignacio Retes … Don Chico
Jorge Angel Toriello … Fito


The great thing about this film is the way it tells the story from the young boy’s perspective. It pulls this off really well. I felt myself wanting the small pleasures that gave so much to this El Salvadorian child’s life and feeling involved in how traumatized he must have become living in such a time and place. The film really does manage to draw you in to the story in that way.

Where it fell down however was the un-needed over dramatisation that surfaced towards the climax to the film, and I’m sure most of it wasn’t part of this true story, just something that the makes felt they had to include in order to cinematize the experience. It really wasn’t necessary and detracts from the over all solid story telling. Being that it comes at the end of the film it did spoil what was otherwise a well crafted film.


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