First Night

I think the first Open Radio show went quite well, only a couple of listeners, but then again I didn’t publicize it too much.

A great big thank you to those that did tune in and to spuggy for his plug on his myspace. (Where has your site gone!?! I want to plug back).

The listener figures don’t matter to me to be honest, it’s the putting together of the show and the music that I missed and love.

I suppose I should do a pop up radio player for ease of use at some point, probably today.

One thing that people could do who want to support this new venture could do is idle in the irc channel. That and web page are the only forms of advertisement I am using atm, that and word of mouth I guess.

Well, despite what the pre-recorded parts of me in the show said, there will be a new show on Wednesday, not Sunday but the repeats will continue until then.

Ok, that’s me done.

Edit: Oh yeah, and if you know anyone who might be interested in putting a show together and / or using the server, point them in my direction.

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