I suppose we all think about it sometimes.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot, I suppose I have always thought about it a lot.

More so I think because I have started delving into the Buddhist philosophy.

A few months ago, maybe even as far back as a year, I did a blog on what I wanted for my funeral arrangements.  Well I don’t want whatever I put there any more.  I think it was my ego talking more than anything else.  I do have something else in mind, but when I’ve thought about it fully I’ll post it.

My thoughts on death are pretty straight forward.  When you are gone you are gone and there is nothing afterwards.  When I say this to people, or there is a discussion I am involved in, people like to rationalise what I say.  Make it sound nicer or easier to swallow.  But when I think of death, that’s how I think of it.  An ending.

It doesn’t frighten me, though when I’m closer to it who knows.  That’s if i know anything about it, I could die today for all I know.  It’s just an inevitability to me, and I try to accept it as that.

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