Let it Snow

Took these photos today:

Sadly a couple of hours later, as in now, when I’m posting them, the snow has stopped falling and has nearly disappeared from the ground.

True beauty never lasts forever.  Nor does anything else.

2 Responses to Let it Snow

  1. Calliope says:

    We had a few straight weeks of hoar frost and fog here and I got some good shots of it. I’m sure you’ll love them if you’re a fan of white trees or white anything. It was so thick that the power lines were coming down 😮

    I love your pic with the fence in it. My fav of the batch…or at least the batch of ones that loaded for me heh

  2. PoeticJaffaCake says:

    Thanks 🙂
    I’ll have to go have a look on your site for the ones you mentioned.

    It’s not often I take photo’s that don’t involve a baby, but we haven’t had snow in such a long time I wanted to capture it.

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