Ipod Nano / DiggNation

So, what’s the connection?

Well, I now have my hands on a beautiful metallic green Ipod (nano 8 gig model) courtesy of xmas.

Then I browsed itunes for the first time, thanks to a hasty install of xp, and found out it’s rather good. If you know me you know I normally shy away from that type of commercialism, but after sampling 4 or 5 generic mp3 and mp4 players I decided to give Apple a go. First the shuffle, which is excellent for a 1 gig no display player, and I mean really excellent. This of course whetted my appetite. Hence the nano. Again, I was taken aback by the quality. I’ll put it this way. I could quite easily become an Apple fanboy I think.

So, I have the new nano, and need some material to test it out, and also to test the tip top itunes store out. First off a get a copy of Nickleback’s Rockstar. And it shows of the nano’s capabilities swimmingly. Then it was to the podcasts, video podcasts to be precise. (I had already subscribed to a few audio podcasts for the shuffle….). This is how I stumbled across two blokes sitting on a couch with laptops on their knees discussing Digg stories of the previous week.  They call this DiggNation.

It’s superficial and about nothing of consequence, but surprisingly funny. Check it out.

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