My Home Network Setup

I was just thinking about this today while I was changing my Playstation 3 set up from wireless to wired. (Why you may ask? Well, if I download a film, music or things like that, I stream them from upstairs, to my HDTV downstairs using mediatomb).

How many devices do I have connected to my home network, and how?

  • PS3: As I just mentioned, wired for media streaming, direct to the PS3 now Divx support as been released. Along with Ubuntu, which I have installed on there.
  • My Desktop: Kubuntu / Vista Ultimate Dual Boot: Wired this is the main box in the house, I use this for streaming media as well as any router changes.
  • My Laptop: Currently running Ubuntu Hardy Heron: This is also wired and sits next to my desktop, I use this machine mainly for testing and installing new linux distros. However when I do move it about, it is switched to wireless via a pcmcia card, and windows drivers ndiswrapped.
  • Nintendo Wii: Wireless connection to the network.
  • Olly’s Laptop: Recently switched her over from Vista Home Premium to Kubuntu: Wireless connection to the network.  Ndiswrapper job.
  • Bethany’s Laptop: Vista Home Premium: Wireless connection.
  • Girls’ Laptop: Windows xp: Wireless connection via a Pcmcia card, the machine is the oldest so doesnt have wireless built in and suffers from only having USB1
  • My Asus Eee: Kubuntu on SD Card / Xandros on SSD: Both wireless via the built in card, the Kubuntu utilises windows drivers via ndiswrapper.
  • All three of the girls’ Nintendo DS’s: x3 wireless:Sometimes they go on Mario Kart DS online, though I’m not sure what else.

So that’s 11 devices in this house connected to the main router. I have to say it’s not bad work considering it’s all my own doing. There are some nasty driver work with some of the Linux wireless set-ups, but as of this moment in time, everything works perfectly. media wise it’s the PS3 that does the leg work, and printer wise, well I haven’t set up a file/peripheral station yet, haven’t had the need. Will be interesting with all the different set up’s, getting that to work at some point.

Edit: Oh yeah, and my submission was rejected.


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